Happy MerMAY and work for Ismailova Theater of Dance

Performance art is something that has always been an interest of mine. I am happy when I can find a great team and project to pour my heart in. Ismailova Theater of Dance  mixes modern dance with a theatrical story line and acting to create a beautiful and moving concoction every time.

Poster for Escaped from Canvas show in 2017
based on a watercolor sketch
That being said, I am not an amazing dancer or even close to a decent one. I can only participate in the opening numbers for the main shows. They are organized by a community outreach group that is open for dancers of any levels.

When I was approached to create some posters for the shows, I was excited. Watching the dancers create art through movement always inspires me to draw, so this was a perfect way channel that inspiration.

Poster for the show Eleven in August 2016
In the upcoming years there will be more shows and perhaps more posters. Stay tuned and follow Ismailova Theatre of Dance on Facebook and Instagram!

Poster for the show The Little Mermaid in October 2016
 Now the illustrations just on their own.

Thanks for checking these out! Let me know what you think in the comments below.