Maya Texturing

Here is one of assignments from last year. Initially it was supposed to be a fruit bowl, but I went a little crazy with it and remodeled everything (except for the grapes). Now it's more of a veggie bowl.

Here's what happened:
Plums became potatoes and eggs (it all started with the potatoes)
Cherries -hazelnuts
Orange - avocado
Pear - turnip
Apple - eggplant
Banana's - chili peppers.

I feel like a magician.


Unknown said…
Well, holy crap. XD
(That avocado looks incredible, btw).
polina said…
Thanks Catherine! :D
Ellie Prager said…
I second that motion. This stuff is incredible. Have you shown it to your young student? She'd be blown away (as I am!).
Juan Correa said…
cool stuff polina... i think that would probably take a long time but i wouldn´t know.. really got convinced by the avocado the pland leaves not so much the actual eggplant but and the potatoes are a bouty.. kool... ¨watch out texture artist out there, polina is on her way¨ lol

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